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Grv Kreations 6 Inch Hulk Figurine - Product Features
  • Grv Kreations Hulk Figurine 6 Inch
    Kiditos Hulk LED Mask - Product Features
  • This Mask has an elastic strap in the back so that you can wear it easily and it stays in place.
  • A switch to turn on/off the lights is provided.
    Partysanthe Hulk mask /Hulk Musk for Adults/Super Hero Hulk Camouflage Face Mask Cosplay for Party - Product Features
  • Hulk mask /Hulk Musk for adults/Super Hero Hulk Camouflage Face Mask Cosplay for Party
  • See your Child Convert into a Super Hero in Seconds , Perfect for Birthday Parties
  • All our toys are designed to help children explore the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity, to make learning fun and help children be all they can be.
  • In our endeavor to Provide the best quality Products to our esteemed Customer's Possible, we periodically make product modifications, therefore actual Product may vary a little than shown in the Images
  • Rubber Strap/Elastic Strap
    Marvel Avengers Action Figure, Hulk - Product Features
  • Toys and Games
  • 6-inch figure with 7 points of articulation
  • Iconic figure and animation-inspired design
  • Imagine scenes and adventures from the Marvel Universe
  • Ages 4 and up
  • Country of Origin: China
  • This item:Marvel Avengers Action Figure, Hulk ? 448.00 In stock.Sold by Stone Sapphire and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.
  • Marvel Spider-Man Titan Hero Series Web Warriors: Armored Spider-Man ? 799.00 In stock.Sold by Cloudtail India and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.This item Delivered FREE in India with Super Saver Delivery. Details
    Atpata Funky Hulk Avenger Mask - Product Features
  • Party & Celebration
  • Party Mask
  • Avenger
  • HULK
  • Best in Colour and Quality
    Marvel Avengers Hulk 6-in Basic Action Figure - Product Features
  • Toys and Games
  • 6 inch figure with 7 points of articulation
  • Iconic figure and animation inspired design
  • Imagine scenes and adventures from the marvel universe
  • Action figure size: 6 inches
  • Includes figure
    milestone The Sk Bronze Hulk Fist Keychain - Product Features
  • Hulk fist keychain
  • Colour: bronze
  • Keyring for everyone
  • This item:milestone The Sk Bronze Hulk Fist Keychain ? 115.00 In stock.Ships from and sold by Trunkin®.
  • Techpro Multicolor Avengers Superhero Captain America Shield Keyrings & Keychains ? 189.00 In stock.Sold by Flipcon and ships from Amazon Fulfillment.FREE Shipping on orders over ? 499.00. Details
  • RJM Sales & Service Avengers Infinity War -3 New Series Thanos Gauntlet Power Stone Marvel Metal… ? 130.00 Only 2 left in stock.Ships from and sold by Trunkin®.
    SOI Thor Hulk S Key Chain - Product Features
  • Real Like Miniature Thor Hammer
  • Light Weight And Easily Fits Into The Pocket.
  • Excellent Product For Personal Use Or For Gifting .
    Marvel Hulk Hero Mask Toys, Classic Design, Inspired by Avengers Endgame, for Kids Ages 5 and Up - Product Features
  • Toys and Games
  • Hulk role play mask
  • Inspired by Avengers: End game movie
  • Recommended Age: 1 Years
  • Color: Multi Color
  • Material: Plastic; Dimensions- LxWxH: 102 cm * 191 cm * 292 cm; Is Battery Required: No; Is Battery Included: No; Whether Assembly Required: No; Skills: Social and Emotional Growth
  • Included Items: 1 Figure and Accessory; Number Of Pieces: 1
    Marvel Legends Thor: Ragnarok 3.75-inch Thor & Hulk 2-Pack - Product Features
  • Toys and Games
  • Movie-inspired design
  • Premium articulation and detailing
  • Character-inspired accessories
  • Collect other marvel legends series figures (each sold separately)
  • Includes - 2 figures and 4 accessories
    Kairos Hulk Whistle Grey Keychain Oxidized Key Chain - Product Features
  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions (L x B x H): 4 cm x 0.5 cm x 3 cm
  • Closure Type: Hook & Loop
  • Warranty: 30 Days
    Hulk Mask - Pack of 3 - Product Features
  • HULK mask
  • The Incredible HULK
    Marvel Avengers 12 Inch Titan Hero Figure Hulk - Product Features
  • Toys and Games
  • Classic Marvel Titan hero
  • 12-inch action figures with 5-point articulation
  • Create Titan-sized action-figure battles
    Kairos Hulk Whistle Keychain with Hook Key Chain Antique Gold (KC-Hulk-Whistle-MD) - Product Features
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Bronze
  • Package Contents: 1 Keychain
  • Dimension (L x W x H): 5 cm x 1 cm x 3 cm
  • Closure Type: Hook & Loop
    Smart Buy Avengers 2 Hulk Age Of Ultron Action Figure - 28 Cms - Green - Product Features
  • Hulk Action Figure
  • 28 Cm
  • With Led Light On Chest
  • Best Gift For Kids
  • Smart Buy

    The Hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in publications from the American publisher Marvel Comics. Created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, the character first appeared in the debut issue of The Incredible Hulk (May 1962). In his comics, the character is both the Hulk, a green, colossal and muscular humanoid with an enormous amount of physical strength, and his alter ego Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a physically weak, socially withdrawn and emotionally reserved. physicist, the two exist as independent personalities and dislike the other.
    After his accidental exposure to gamma rays, which saves Rick Jones's life during the detonation of an experimental bomb, Banner is physically transformed into the Hulk when he is exposed to emotional stress, on or against his will, often leading to devastating disasters. and conflicts that complicate Banner's. civil life. The Hulk's power level is normally transferred in proportion to his level of anger. Often portrayed as a raging savage, the Hulk is represented with other personalities based on Banner's broken psyche, from a mindless, destructive force to a brilliant warrior or a genius scientist in his own right. Despite both Hulk and Banner's desire for solitude, the character has a large supporting cast. This includes Banners lover Betty Ross, his best friend Rick Jones, his cousin She-Hulk and therapist and ally Doc Samson. In addition, the Hulk's alter ego has many important supporting characters, such as his co-founders of the Avengers superhero team, his Queen Caiera, fellow fighters Korg and Miek, and sons Skaar and Hiro-Kala. However, his uncontrollable power has brought him into conflict with his fellow heroes and others. Despite this, he tries his best to do the right thing as he fights against villains like Leader, Abomination, Absorbing Man, and more.
    Lee stated that the Hulk's creation was inspired by a combination of Frankenstein and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. While the Hulk's color has varied throughout the character's publishing history, the most common color is green.
    One of the most iconic characters in popular culture,the character has appeared on a variety of merchandise such as clothing and collectibles, inspired real-world structures (such as amusement park rides), and is referenced in a number of media. Banner and the Hulk have been adapted into live-action, animated, and video game incarnations. The character was first played in a live-action feature film by Eric Bana. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, [not verified in body], the character was played by Edward Norton in the movie The Incredible Hulk (2008) and by Mark Ruffalo in the movies The Avengers (2012), Iron Man 3 (2013) in a cameo, Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Thor: Ragnarok (2017), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Captain Marvel (2019) in a cameo and Avengers: Endgame (2019).
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