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MELISSA & DOUG Safari Chunky Puzzle (Set of 3) - Product Features
  • Recommended Age: 2+
  • Unisex
    Little Genius PreSchool Learning Toy For 3 to 6 Years Kids/Toddlers - Inset Wooden Tray With Puzzle Blocks (Medium Size Snail) - Product Features
  • Multicolor educational preschool learning toyset for toddlers/kids
  • Material: Wooden
  • Pattern - Medium Snail, ideal for children with impaired motor skills.
  • It helps in development of kid's/toddlers brain power and for hand/eye coordination
  • Ideal gifting toyset for kids on their birthdays or any festival
    Hape Number Peg Puzzle Game, Multicolor, 5 x 2 - Product Features
  • Classic peg puzzle with a new look
  • Learn to count from 1-10
  • Features little critters on the board and colorful fruits to help you find where the numbers go
  • Perfect for babies and toddlers
  • Durable child-safe paint and finishes
    Hape Construction Peg Puzzle Game, Multicolor, 5 x 2 - Product Features
  • Classic peg puzzle with a new look
  • Learn the names and types of construction vehicles
  • Bright colors and fun shapes to stimulate development
  • Perfect for babies and toddlers
  • Durable child-safe paint and finishes
    Hape Dynamic Insect Puzzle Game, Multicolor, 6.69 x 8.19 - Product Features
  • A dynamic take on the classic puzzle
  • Chunky pieces perfect for small hands
  • Name and place all the critters in this puzzle
  • Perfect for babies and toddlers
  • Durable child-safe paint and finishes
    Melissa & Doug Transportation Peg Puzzle - Product Features
  • Easy-grasp 6-piece peg puzzle
  • Vehicle pictures under pieces
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination
  • 8.5\"H x 11.75\"L x 0.75\"W
  • 2+ years
    EverEarth Dinosaur Peg 33736 Puzzle (7 Pieces) - Product Features
  • Encourages color, shape and animal recognition
  • Enhances children's hand-eye coordination
  • Be Part of our plant-a-tree action.We plant a tree in our FSC-certified forest for every purchased and registered Ever Earth product
  • Manufactured to the highest quality using sustainable resources, water based paints, recycled packaging
  • Suitable for children from 24 months +
    Melissa & Doug Vehicles Peg Puzzle, Multi Color - Product Features
  • FARM 399.00
  • PETS 268.00
  • Safari from 4 sellers
  • Sea Creatures from 1 seller
  • VEHICLES from 5 sellers
  • 8-piece peg puzzle.
  • Vehicle pictures under pieces.
  • Easy-grasp plastic pegs.
  • Sturdy wooden construction.
  • Promotes hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem-solving skills.
    Dazzling Toys Learn To Tie Your Shoe Wooden Board. - Product Features
  • EASY TO USE: No need to use dirty sneakers in the house to demonstrate how to lace shoes. The kit provides a super fun and simplified way for kids to master the art of tying their own shoe laces.
  • EARLY LEARNING TOOL: a great educational accessory for kindergarten teachers and parents to train kids with the basic skill of tying their own shoe laces.
  • PORTABILITY: Take the board anywhere and never have to worry about your kids practicing to tie their laces with their dirty shoes on their clothes or carpet.
  • BUDGET FRIENDLY: Unlike other pricey training modules our DIY shoe lace kit is a great alternative offering you quality and functionality without having to sacrifice price for efficiency.
  • ERGORNOMIC DESIGN: Made with those little hands in mind the kit is made with simple parts that replicate the real thing making it easy for kids to replicate their learnt skill on real shoes.
    Wufiy Wooden Different Modes of Transport Puzzle /Shape Sorter / Wooden Peg Puzzle with Sound Effects | Developmental Toys - Product Features
  • Perfect soundboard for every Toddler, 6-piece wooden peg sound puzzle is educational as well as entertaining.
  • EASY TO GRASP: This wooden puzzle set is made for smaller hands to easily grasp. The pieces feature beautiful illustrations of different modes of transport, with these same pictures located under each piece on the puzzle board.
  • Each vehicle \"sounds on\" on its own voice when the Vehicle puzzle piece is placed correctly in the puzzle board
  • DEVELOPS: Eye-Hand coordination. It enhances manual Dexterity, Colours, Shapes, Animals recognition and Matching skills.
    Platapilla USA PPAKN2 X 3029 Garden Peg Laser Cut Puzzle - Product Features
  • Precise, laser cut wooden pieces that delivers a perfect fit every time
  • Vibrant images are printed directly onto the wood without paper overlay
  • These are very easy to clean and are eco-friendly
    Bearstar Wooden Animal Jigsaw Puzzle with A Storage Tray for 2 to 4 Years Old Kids, Set of 3 (9-Piec - Product Features
  • Naturally safe: no lead, no plastic, non-toxic, water-based lacquer finish, no small parts.
  • Great fun for your baby and child,Great Price for 2 layers Animal Jigsaw Puzzles 3 Sets ( 9 Piesces/1 Set).
  • Each completed puzzles is 5.85 inch (L) * 5.85 inch (W).* 0.2 inch (H).
  • Each Size of one piece is more than 2 inch (L) * 1.6 inch (W) * 0.15 inch (H).
  • Recommended Age Range 1 Years and up.30-day full money back guarantee,90-day Warranty.
    Melissa & Doug 2055 House Pets Jumbo Knob - Product Features
  • Extra-thick wooden puzzle features jumbo wooden knobs for easy grasping
  • Bright colors and sweet illustrations of familiar objects
  • Full-color, matching pictures appear underneath each piece
  • A perfect activity to encourage hand-eye coordination and visual perception skills
  • Recommended Age Range 1 Years and up

    What is a 3d puzzle?

    Unlike traditional puzzles which are composed of series of flat pieces that when put together, create a single unified image, the Puzz 3D series of puzzles are composed on plastic foam, with part of an image graphed on a stiff paper facade glued to the underlying foam piece and cut to match the piece's dimensions.
    If you've never put together a 3D puzzle before, you might be wondering what they are. Jigsaw puzzles can be beautiful and challenging, of course, but 3D puzzles combine putting all those little pieces together with building a three-dimensional model or replica. There are plenty of fun 3D puzzles for kids that are a lost simpler to put together, but if you're an adult or have older kids who want a more difficult task with an awesome result, these are the 3D puzzles for you.

    Are 3d puzzles hard?

    The majority of 3D jigsaw puzzles range from easy to difficult and some are at a level of almost impossible. The three factors to consider are the number of pieces, the puzzle type, and the 3D puzzle design. These aspects play an important part on how easy or difficult a puzzle is to put together.

    Different types of 3D jigsaw puzzles

    Are you curious about 3D jigsaw puzzles and how they work? What you’ll find on this page is some basic facts about 3D jigsaw puzzles as well as the different types and themes of 3D puzzles along with their difficulty levels.
    Putting together jigsaw puzzles is an entertaining and intellectually stimulating classic pastime. Some people do jigsaw puzzles as a hobby while collecting different themed jigsaw puzzles and some people just do jigsaw puzzles to alleviate there boredom. No matter what the reason is for assembling jigsaw puzzles, the fact is working on jigsaw puzzles is really popular and with the advancement of technology there are more and more different types of jigsaw puzzles that are available for avid puzzlers, collectors and just about anyone who wants to keep their mind active. One thing about jigsaw puzzles is that you’ll find people from all walks of life and all ages working on puzzles. It’s the sort of hobby you can do by yourself in the privacy of your home or with a group of people all contributing.
    A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and mosaiced pieces. Typically, each individual piece has a portion of a picture; when assembled, the jigsaw puzzle produces a complete picture.
    Jigsaw puzzles were originally created by painting a picture on a flat, rectangular piece of wood, and then cutting that picture into small pieces. Despite it being called a jigsaw, a jigsaw was never actually used to cut it. John Spilsbury, a London cartographer and engraver, is credited with commercializing jigsaw puzzles around 760. Jigsaw puzzles have since come to be made primarily of cardboard.
    Typical images found on jigsaw puzzles include scenes from nature, buildings, and repetitive designs – castles and mountains are common, traditional subjects. However, any kind of picture can be used to make a jigsaw puzzle; artisanal puzzle-makers and companies using technologies to allow one-off or small print run puzzles allow a wide range of subject matter, from optical illusions, unusual art, or personal photographs. Beyond flat two-dimensional puzzles, three-dimensional puzzles have been moving to large-scale production and distribution, including spherical jigsaws and architectural recreations.
    During recent years, a range of jigsaw puzzle accessories including boards, cases, frames, and roll-up mats have become available that are designed to assist jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. Completed puzzles can also be attached to a backing with adhesive to be used as artwork.
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