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Shreeja Collections 2 in 1 Magnetic Alphabets, Numbers and Arithmetic Symbols with White Board, Chalk, Duster and Marker + Tangaram Puzzle, Multi Color - Product Features
  • Consists of 1 magnetic double sided black and white board, 3 chalks, 1 sketch pen, 1 eraser, magnetic alphabets, numbers and mathematical signs
  • Magnetic alphabets and numbers blocks, great playful way to teach your child; Helps kids learn basic maths, English and calculations
  • Sketch pen to write on white board and chalks to write on black board; Wipe it with the eraser provided to clean it
  • Children of all ages will find magnetic make a shape fascinating as they discover the world of tangrams; Helps kids learn basic maths, English and calculations
    Shreeja Collections Best Sterilized Water-Filled Caterpillar Baby Teether Teething Rattle - Product Features
  • Bright color, different shapes and unique design will develop baby's ability of recoginition, fine and gross motor skills.
  • Nice size and extremely light, perfect for small hands to hold.
  • High quality teething toy – Filled with sterilized water, the teether exemplifies a safe and durable product.
  • Can be refrigerated, it's cool flexible rings soothes and stimulates swollen sore baby gums safely and stays cold for a while
    Shreeja Collections Cradle Hanging Rabbit Music Bell Toy for Babies Hanging Toys for Infants - Product Features
  • Perfect for gift
  • Sweet musical sound
  • Toy waves hands, legs and moves ears Plays soft music
  • Develops imagination and thinking skills
  • search jay antiques for toys and kitchenware and many more items.
    Shreeja Collections Cradle Hanging Elephant Music Bell Toy for Babies Hanging Toys for Infants - Product Features
  • Perfect for gift
  • Sweet musical sound
  • Toy waves hands, legs and moves ears Plays soft music
  • Develops imagination and thinking skills
  • search jay antiques for toys and kitchenware and many more items.
    Shreeja Collections Cradle Hanger Bell Musical Dancing Rabbit with Sweet Sound - Product Features
  • Perfect for gift
  • Sweet musical sound
  • Toy waves hands, legs and moves ears Plays soft music
  • Develops imagination and thinking skills
  • search jay antiques for toys and kitchenware and many more items.
    Shreeja Collections 6 Pieces Rattle Set for Babies Big Size (Toys for Infants and Toddlers) - Product Features
  • Non-toxic baby rattles for kids
  • Pack included 6 rattles Best Quality (Big Size)
  • Sound of each rattle is designed to attract children and helps in improve hearing
  • Also, kids will try to grab the rattle and it enhances grasping power and hand-eye coordination
  • Please Note: This is an assortment pack, so colors and design may vary
    Shreeja Collections Lovely Mixed Colourful Non Toxic Rattles for Babies, Toddlers, Infants, Child (Pack of 5) (Multi Color) - Product Features
  • No sharp edges
  • 5 Pieces of rattle set for infants and toddlersItems will not be Returned, if Seal Pack is opened.
  • Toys can be seen through Transparent Pouch Packing. Contents and Colours May Vary from Illustrations
  • Skillset: color and shape recognition, attention span building, hand and eye co-ordination Non toxic, made of plastic, multi color - pleasant to eyes
  • Assorted rattles with lovely colours
    Shreeja Collections Cute Baby Rattles Toy for Babies - Set of 8pcs Rattles - Teether, Shaker, Grab, Spin Rattle, Musical Toy Set for Baby Infant, Newborn - Product Features
  • Helps improve the infant's audio, visual and tactile senses, Hand-Eye co-ordination one of the best educational musical toy.
  • High Quality and Safe for babies:: A baby toy that is Non-toxic,BPA Free, light weight,no sharp edges and safe for babies.
  • Package contains :: 8 Bright colorful Musical Rattles & Teethers for different stages of baby’s development.
  • Great gift for baby showers, suitable for nursery child care - easy to clean and store hygienically
  • Each rattle has different grips, shapes and tasks to assist in fine motor skills.
    Shreeja Collections Plastic Plush Mini Bell Happy Rattles Baby Fish, Crab (Medium) - Pack of 6 - Product Features
  • Function : bright colours inspire visual rattles to awaken the sense of hearing and improve your baby's hand-eye coordination
  • Cute design : the plush toy designed as expression of tambourine, snowman, turn ball and crab rattles. Your little one would hear rattling sounds produced when he/she kick helps develop hearing. This musical toys makes a great present for any expectant mother or newborn baby. Give it as a special gift for baby showers, birthday parties
  • Easy and safe to use : shake, rattle will issue a clear voice. Proper weight to exericise good effect on grip up baby. Essential toys baby can contact with different materials different feeling. Through the exercise to increase coordination ability
  • Increases sense development : our tinabless baby rattle socks with cute plush toys, bright colour and cute printed pattern will capture your baby's interest. The rustle paper and rattle will attract children's attention. Encourage baby to reach and grab, awakening muscles
    Shreeja Collections Talking Tom Cat with Recording, Music, Story and Touch Functionality - Product Features
  • It records, speaks back to you sings songs, tells stories and much more operation of toy is very simple
  • Just touch the tom at following places and you get the response talk anything to tom he records and says same thing back to you touch - left ear tom will sing 1 gagnam style 2 if i aren't got you 3 baby 4 nobody 5 creep 6 aankhen khuli 7 teddy car 8 i caught a fish 9
  • You raise me up 10 ten little fingers touch - right ear tom will narrate
  • Body touch functions: touch the various parts of tom's body to hear funny sounds touch its left and right foot, touch his tail, belly and face you will see response
  • Songs: touch its left ear, it will sing songs. Very smooth in operation and crystal clear sound
    Shreeja Collections Intelligent Touching Tom Cat with Wonderful Voice, Assorted - Product Features
  • Speak to Tom and he will speak back to you!; sensors are at its face and stomach so if we touch other area it wont function.
  • Touch his left ear, he will sing songs; Battery case is at back side which is curvy which makes it little difficult to lock it but you can do it by pressing little bit from sides and it will fit perfectly
  • Touch his Right ear, he will tell story plays
  • Touch his left and right foot, you will see him respond
  • Touch his tail, belly and face you will see response
    Shreeja Collections Wooden Frame Double Sided Magnetic Whiteboard & Black Slate with Alphanumeric, Mathematical Signs and Tangram - Product Features
  • Multifunctional Writing Board::Wooden Frame::Learning Alphanumeric Tangrams Cutouts
  • Life Long Magnetic Whiteboard::Innovative Paperless Learning
  • Wooden Frame::Smooth Sanded Corners
  • Early Learning Kit
    Shreeja Collections Non-Toxic 27Pcs Wooden Alphabet Building Blocks with Storage Box for Kids - Product Features
  • 27 Colorful Classic Wood Letter Blocks. Product Size: 11x11x10.5 cm, Color: Multicolor.
  • Fun Toys that Teach! Ideal for Teaching Kids about Letters and Numbers
  • The wooden blocks are a great toy for introducing the letters of the alphabet, color recognition, reading and writing in a fun way to a toddler or pre-schooler. Give your child a head start on learning their ABC's.
  • The paint used is non toxic water based paint.
  • The block dimensions: 3cm square Age: 18 Months or older.
    Shreeja Collections Musical Dancing Princess Doll Toy with 3D Lights, Pink - Product Features
  • 3D lightning on head, pink gown and hands dancing princess is a pretty cute toy for girls it is ideal gift for girl
  • Rotates 360° degree and princess dances in motion head and hands sway in motion
  • They will enjoy watching the character dancing with all his delightful features great to give as a birthday gift, holiday or Christmas or get well soon gift it will occupy and bring happiness to the patient
  • Enhances the child
  • Ideal for kids 3 year and above non toxic and safe material for kids can play with it freely
    Shreeja Collections Friction Car Set - Cartoon Cars Set of 4 Pup Theme Car Set - Product Features
  • Aw Pup Theme Rescue Cars are Unbreakable & made of speed with inertia force. These friction cars are tough enough to be ith you forever in all the missions of life.
  • The set includes 4 Super Vehicles of pup Marshall, Zuma, Rocky & Chase
  • Each Paw Patrol character rescue vehicle brings the imagination, heroism and bravery of the show right into your home!
  • Each car is good enough size to fit well into your kid's hand with approx 10 cm length
    Shreeja Collections Unbreakable 5 Piece Medium Construction Vehicle Pull Back Car Truck Toy Set for Kids Boy and Girl - Product Features
  • All toys are made of fully Non-toxic materials, 100 percent safe for kids
  • Enhance baby's curiosity
  • 5 different vehicle per pack
  • Great for new and old collectors alike
  • An amazing funny time to playing a different role to drive different car toy with friends or partner for kids, the effective way to develop their social and communication skills

    What is a 3d puzzle?

    Unlike traditional puzzles which are composed of series of flat pieces that when put together, create a single unified image, the Puzz 3D series of puzzles are composed on plastic foam, with part of an image graphed on a stiff paper facade glued to the underlying foam piece and cut to match the piece's dimensions.
    If you've never put together a 3D puzzle before, you might be wondering what they are. Jigsaw puzzles can be beautiful and challenging, of course, but 3D puzzles combine putting all those little pieces together with building a three-dimensional model or replica. There are plenty of fun 3D puzzles for kids that are a lost simpler to put together, but if you're an adult or have older kids who want a more difficult task with an awesome result, these are the 3D puzzles for you.

    Are 3d puzzles hard?

    The majority of 3D jigsaw puzzles range from easy to difficult and some are at a level of almost impossible. The three factors to consider are the number of pieces, the puzzle type, and the 3D puzzle design. These aspects play an important part on how easy or difficult a puzzle is to put together.

    Different types of 3D jigsaw puzzles

    Are you curious about 3D jigsaw puzzles and how they work? What you’ll find on this page is some basic facts about 3D jigsaw puzzles as well as the different types and themes of 3D puzzles along with their difficulty levels.
    Putting together jigsaw puzzles is an entertaining and intellectually stimulating classic pastime. Some people do jigsaw puzzles as a hobby while collecting different themed jigsaw puzzles and some people just do jigsaw puzzles to alleviate there boredom. No matter what the reason is for assembling jigsaw puzzles, the fact is working on jigsaw puzzles is really popular and with the advancement of technology there are more and more different types of jigsaw puzzles that are available for avid puzzlers, collectors and just about anyone who wants to keep their mind active. One thing about jigsaw puzzles is that you’ll find people from all walks of life and all ages working on puzzles. It’s the sort of hobby you can do by yourself in the privacy of your home or with a group of people all contributing.
    A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires the assembly of often oddly shaped interlocking and mosaiced pieces. Typically, each individual piece has a portion of a picture; when assembled, the jigsaw puzzle produces a complete picture.
    Jigsaw puzzles were originally created by painting a picture on a flat, rectangular piece of wood, and then cutting that picture into small pieces. Despite it being called a jigsaw, a jigsaw was never actually used to cut it. John Spilsbury, a London cartographer and engraver, is credited with commercializing jigsaw puzzles around 760. Jigsaw puzzles have since come to be made primarily of cardboard.
    Typical images found on jigsaw puzzles include scenes from nature, buildings, and repetitive designs – castles and mountains are common, traditional subjects. However, any kind of picture can be used to make a jigsaw puzzle; artisanal puzzle-makers and companies using technologies to allow one-off or small print run puzzles allow a wide range of subject matter, from optical illusions, unusual art, or personal photographs. Beyond flat two-dimensional puzzles, three-dimensional puzzles have been moving to large-scale production and distribution, including spherical jigsaws and architectural recreations.
    During recent years, a range of jigsaw puzzle accessories including boards, cases, frames, and roll-up mats have become available that are designed to assist jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. Completed puzzles can also be attached to a backing with adhesive to be used as artwork.
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